Weddings are a great source of Joy for all involved and having a harpist for your special day can really give it that extra something! Sam Hickman provides bespoke music for all aspects of the day! For more information and to book Simply contact us

Ceremony prices range from £185 from April-October (excluding travel outside the Cardiff Area) to £150 From November-March (excluding travel outside the Cardiff Area). 

A wedding day is typically divided into three parts, Ceremony, Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast. You can book individual parts or do a package of different parts.

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There are some wonderful pieces to walk down the aisle to. here are some very popular choices.

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Frequently asked Questions

FAQ - For weddings and events.

Can I pick my own music?

Yes, Sam will happily arrange any requests for walks down the aisle, signings and even your walk out! 

For receptions, You can request three to four songs and Sam will create a playlist around those songs to suit the mood of your event.

What experience does Sam have?

Sam has been a full-time professional harpist for over 6 years. She's played countless weddings, concerts and events.

Are you Amplified at receptions? 

Yes! Sam uses a Rowland Cube, which works for large receptions and even busking on Queens street! 

Can I choose which Harp I want?

Yes! You can pick from the 38 string folk harp, the 46 String Pedal harp and even the 27 String Bardic harp!

Do you have to sing?

Nope! All repertoire is designed to be sung or played so the choice is yours! 

How far will you travel?

If Sam can drive there then Sam will play there! Travel expenses will apply!

Will you give me a discount? 

Short answer, that's not how it works. When you hire a musician, you are not paying them to turn up and play, you are paying for all of the work that has gone into making this musician good. As well as the equitment/instrument. 

However, If your event is during the week or in off peak times, then I will have quoted you a discounted rate due to the lack of demand in that particular time. (Jan-Feb, Monday-Thursday) 

Here is a fun blogpost about it!


N.B. I do not do free charity events for free unless I am personally involved with the charity.